Hayfield Farm
​ Swim Club
7820 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22315
703-971-9837 (monitored during pool season only)

Virginia published mandatory requirements for swimming pool operations during Phase 3.

HFSC will adhere to the guidelines. See page 21. 

If you are a shareholder, have paid your dues and do not wish to use the pool this season, contact info@hayfieldpool.com and indicate you’d like your share to be leased. Please include your share number in the email.

If you paid for a lease this season and no longer wish to use it, contact info@hayfieldpool.com and indicate you no longer wish to lease this season. Please include your name and mailing address.

The pool will open Friday, June 12.  Instructions on how to reserve your time slot can be found by downloading the following link. 

Follow us on Twitter at @HFSCPool

If you have already registered with HFSC on Omnify, you can login here to schedule your swim time - https://hfsc.getomnify.com/

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the operating procedures and the guidelines provided by the state using the links below.

HFSC continues to use our operating procedures shown via the button for Phase II Operating Procedures.