Hayfield Farm
​ Swim Club

Dear Shareholders,

This year's annual meeting for shareholders was held Wednesday 10/21/20 at 7:00 pm via Zoom.  The proposed Bylaw changes were approved and final vote talllies, along with the updated bylaws will be distributed via email this month (November).  The updated bylaws are also available
here. The HFSC Board election is also final and updated Board members are listed on the Contact Us tab.

Along with the proxies/ballots, there was a presentation regarding needed capital improvements and information regarding the minimum wage increase phase 1 scheduled to go into effect May 2021.

Click on the blue buttons below to see the 2020 ballot that highlights the bylaw changes and the Capital Expenditures Plan.

Thank you all for your support in making the Hayfield Farm Swim Club a fun and safe place for many more summers to come!

7820 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22315
703-971-9837 (monitored during pool season only)

Follow us on Twitter at @HFSCPool