7820 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22315
Phone: 703-971-9837 (monitored during pool season only)
Email: info@hayfieldpool.com  (monitored year round)

Please access the appropriate form through the links below  or ask for a form at the front office.  Submit your completed forms to the front office or through email to hfsclessons@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please email  hfsclessons@gmail.com.

Group Lessons Google Form Link

Private Lessons Google Form Link

Tot and Me: 18 mos-3 yrs with an adult - Learning to be comfortable in the water

Level 1 - Introduction to Swimming - Afraid of the water, will not put face in the water

Level 2 - Beginning Swimming - Comfortable in the water, can swim with assistance, can full submerge

Level 3 - Intermediate Swimming - Able to swim unaided for short lengths (less than 6 meters)

Level 4/5 - Advanced Swimming/Stroke Development - Can swim at least 10-15 meters unaided but needs technique instruction


You must have an active membership or late summer pass to participate in HFSC swim lessons.

2023 Swim Lesson Details will be published in the spring of 2023. Please check back for updates.

Hayfield Farm Swim Club

We are excited to open our 2022 Swim Lesson Program.  This year we will host group and private lessons.   

PRIVATE LESSONS: Rates for private lessons vary by instructor but average $25-30.  Rates may vary if there is more than one participant in a lesson.  Lessons are 30 minutes.

GROUP LESSONS: Group lessons have different class levels. Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge.