Hayfield Farm Swim Club
7820 Hayfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22315
Phone: 703-971-9837 (monitored during pool season only)
Email: info@hayfieldpool.com  (monitored year round)

How do I become a member of the swim club?

There are three ways to enjoy access to the HFSC pool.

Purchase a share

  • The current price to purchase a share is $550. Annual dues are collected separately and are not included in the purchase price.
  • We have a maximum of 425 shares and all shares are currently sold. There is a waiting list that has more than 90 families waiting to purchase. 
  • It will take several years to get to the top of the list (average wait is 3-4 years, depending on how many shares are sold back to the HFSC Board per year).
  • You must be a homeowner to purchase a share.  Additionally, the majority of our shareholders must live in the Hayfield Farm neighborhood.
  • If you are interested in purchases a membership share, send an email to info@hayfieldpool.com to be added to the Waiting to Buy list

Lease a share

  • Each year there are approximately 100 leases available to non-shareholders. 
  • The lease process starts anew each year in late January when the Membership Chair issues the call for lease deposits.  Leases are offered to families in the order in which we receive lease deposit checks.  Leases are offered as the shareowners inform the HFSC Board that they wish to lease their share for the season.
  • The waiting list forms quickly. If you are interested in a lease, it is imperative that you submit your lease deposit as soon as the process opens for the season.  The Membership Chair will send out an email and post to the website (under the Membership tab) when the Lease Deposit process begins.
  • Leases are assigned per family and are for the full season.  Partial-season leases are not permitted.
  • If you would like to be on the lease deposit notification list, send an email to info@hayfieldpool.com

Late summer pass

  • If there are no remaining leases, we offer a Late Summer Pass program starting after July 4th. This program has a graduated fee system based on when you choose to start the pass.  Passes are issued on a weekly basis and extend through the end of the season.  Partial passes or specific weeks are not permitted.
  • The fee structure for the 2022 season was $50 per week with a $50 administration fee.
  • Per NVSL rules, Late Summer Pass members are not eligible for swim team participation.
  • If you would like to be on the Late Summer Pass list, send an email to info@hayfieldpool.com